Blinked and I Missed It

Blinked and I Missed It

After four matches on the road, Saint Louis F.C. finally returned home to a sold out Soccer Park Saturday night where they faced new conference rivals, the Tulsa Roughnecks.

For someone who is easily distracted by new and shinny things, the Soccer Park added many cool new things following the off-season flooding. The new guest services area and the time clock on the press box are welcomed additions. Personally, I liked the permanent fencing as it looks nicer than Rent-A-Fence as well as Bill McDermott's and Bob Ramsey's nice, new roof.

Most notably, anyone who stepped onto the turf would let everyone else know how great the new field felt.

The St. Louligans once again showed up in force. The group was overflowing out of Section 8 and their chants carried across the stadium. 

In all the excitement of a new season and, for me, a brand spanking new camera I realistically should not have purchased, the game just flew by. All I really can seem to recall is that Tulsa had a decent first half and Saint Louis had a pretty great second half. Also, Mark Pais was on his game tonight.

My night was spent mostly enjoying the atmosphere and trying to figure out this new camera (thanks Mick for showing me the "Bulb" setting for taking photos of the fireworks). I am very excited to play with this new toy of mine this season.

Earning three points would have been a great way to kickoff the season, but a goal was not in the cards this evening for either day. Despite the lack of goals, the match was still full of exciting moments whether in exciting saves by Pais or a number of second half scoring chances for STL FC. Hopefully Saint Louis can earn three points when Vancouver 2 comes to town in two weeks.

TL;DR: Can Will remember how to write fast while tired? No. Proof read and edit? HAHAHAHAHA!

PS That wasn't that long!